About Us

Centre for Information, Communication and Educational Technology (CICET)

Government College of Engineering Kannur, being an institution owned and operated by the Government of Kerala, has service to society as its primary objective. Centre for Information, Communication and Educational Technology (CICET) is a Government College of Engineering Kannur initiative for dissemination of the benefits of the latest ICT-enabled technologies to the common public. The mission of the centre is to leverage the expertise and knowhow of its faculty spanning different disciplines for the benefit of the society through research, consultancy, conceptualization and implementation of projects.
CICET, through its intended functions, shall act as a common link between the general public and the government so that the socially beneficial programmes of the government are reaching the intended beneficiaries.

This interdisciplinary centre is headed by a Centre Coordinator who shall be a senior faculty member of the institution. The functions of the Centre include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Design and Development of new ICT-enabled teaching methodologies
  • Application development for effective teaching-learning processes
  • Content creation, storage and dissemination for educational purposes
  • Implementation of smart classrooms with cost-effective and efficient communication equipments
  • Act as a nodal centre for all information on contemporary technologies on agriculture, self employment among others.
  • Database design, Data collection and Implementation of Data-intensive socially relevant projects
  • Act as recognized centre for ICT-enabled training activities and for conduct of online
  • Provide a platform for its students to contribute towards solving the problems of the common people through judicious use of information technology.